Friday, August 13, 2010

Granite - Not Just For Kitchen Remodels and Countertops Anymore

Granite is most commonly used as a kitchen or bathroom countertop. Granite countertops are usually a very large focal point of any home, but while granite serves superbly in this manner, there are several other areas of the home which a home owner may use granite or another natural stone such as soapstone, marble, or onyx. The flexibility of natural stone is often overlooked.

Many home remodels often focus on just one specific area of the home: the kitchen, bathroom, living/dining room, etc. As with most of these upgrades, the rest of the house becomes an afterthought. Many homes may have a spectacular kitchen, but if the rest of the home does not tie in with the splendor, style or aesthetics of the kitchen, it can be a turn off. With a home that may be up for sale, this could be the difference between actually selling the home and having the home lose money for the owner.

The trick is to balance the use of granite in the kitchen with the rest of the house. Incorporating the same granite stone in built-in book shelves, mantles and hearths or even window sills can help to create an organic flow through the home. Another location where granite can make a beautiful statement is to use granite in a stairway. Should there be a large set of stairs, it will undoubtedly be a bold and expensive remodel, but there are more subtle and muted applications which granite can be applied.

When a home owner is upgrading to granite or other natural stone countertop it is important to decide at that same time whether or not to accent other parts of the home with the same type of stone. The reason for this is no two types of granite are the same. In order to achieve an excellent color match with similar veining throughout the stone, the granite slab or pieces must be selected from the same "lot". If the home owner decides at a later date to go back to the fabricator to obtain the same slab or stone from the same part of the quarry, a close match will be impossible to attain as there is too much variation in a natural product such as stone.

The interior decorator or remodeling contractor will probably have many more ideas for tying the rest of the home together. As the remodel nears completion however, the time will come to install new lighting which will allow the natural beauty of the new countertops and accents to "pop" and be appreciated by the home owner. Investing good money to upgrade the home and not installing sufficient lighting to view the details just does not make sense.

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Article independently authored by Daniel Elliott. The content herein may or may not reflect the views and opinions of Universal Stone, Inc.

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