Monday, June 27, 2011

Minnesota Granite Countertops Customer Testimonial

Here’s what one client has to say about our Minnesota granite countertops:
I recently hired Universal Stone to fabricate and install three granite vanity tops in my home.  I was extremely satisfied with the professional service, installation of my vanity tops.  The employees at Universal Stone were very helpful and patient while I was choosing my granite.  I took several weeks to make my final decision on the granite, and I felt Universal Stone was very understanding during the process.  The installers of the vanity tops arrived at my home promptly the morning of installation.  They were very polite and professional.  The installation went smoothly and the left my home clean and neat. Before the installers left, they took the time to show me how to apply a sealer on my granite in the future. The fabrication of the vanity tops looks great.  I picked the standard edge with under-mount sinks and it turned out very nice.  I am happy with the vanity tops from Universal Stone.  I would use them again in the future and would also recommend their services to others.

Maricarol Johnson

Chaska, MN
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Maple Grove Granite Countertops Edge Profiles

 The edge profile you choose can increase the cost of your Maple Grove granite countertops, since some profiles cost more to fabricate. Granite countertops are offered in six different profile types, and each fits a different design style.

Eased profiles are the standard include in most companies base pricing. It’s like the most traditional countertop style, and works with any counter or kitchen island.

¼” Bevel
It’s like the eased profile, but more rectangular instead of rounded. A great fit for countertops that extend into the dining area.

The half bullnose is a great wall countertop with a rounded corner that’s great for those located near doors and entrances. The demi bullnose has one rounded corner, and the full bullnose has one rounded edge.

This profile type has a slanted edge and is great for smaller areas.

The chiseled profile offers a unique edge that can bring a different style to your kitchen or bathroom.

The small ogee has a slight curvature, while the large ogee looks like a shoe when viewed from above.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Maple Grove Granite Countertop Colors

One of the biggest boons to installing Maple Grove granite countertops is you are given a wealth of colors to choose. Having granite countertops installed is one of the biggest interior design decisions you will make, so you’ll want to make sure whatever you choose works well with the room. When picking out your colors, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

What colors complement?
You can mix and match different colors when it comes to your Maple Grove granite countertop, but the wrong pairing could result in design gone wrong. Make sure your selections mesh well, and don’t strain the eyes. The right combinations will make cooking easier, but the wrong ones will make time in the kitchen much harder.

Which have complementary patterns?
If you choose a slab with a pattern, it can make you a fan of a color you might not have liked. The pattern can help complement a room as much as the color. For example, elaborate patterns go well with dark slabs, and provide a much more beautiful d├ęcor.

Which complement the rest of the area?
While you want your countertops to get noticed, you don’t want them to stick out like a sore thumb. Choosing colors that go with each other, but not with the rest of the room, you’ll probably ruin the room’s design. If you need assistance with complementing colors, do a little bit of research or talk to an interior designer.

Which best serve the room’s use?
Colors invoke different moods and feelings, and the more you know about this, the better the design of any room. Lightly colored granite makes your kitchen look bigger, while brown is a warm color that works great for living rooms but not for kitchen. Don’t pick the colors based just on aesthetics, but how they best serve the room’s function.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Maple Grove Granite Countertop Tips

Replacing your drab kitchen countertops with luxurious Maple Grove granite countertops can add elegance and style to your kitchen, but the process can be time consuming. Once you see your new granite countertops, however, you’ll realize it was worth all the effort. You’ll have to think about more than layout: you’ll need to know what color you want your countertops to be, what kind of backsplash they should have and whether you’ll want to invest in them.

Granite countertops come in more than just gray. Ask your Maple Grove granite countertop fabricator about the different colors from which you can choose, as there’s a wide palette available. Pick a color that fits the style and atmosphere you’re trying to convey. Your countertops will be the most dominant feature, so be careful in selecting a color.

Every color has differences in patterns and in the overall look, so don’t rule out an option based on the color alone. Ask the fabricator if it would be possible to take home a sample piece, so you can see how it would look. The results may have you thinking twice.

The right kitchen backsplash highlight your new counters, but the wrong selection can have visitors being distracted from their natural luster. There are three perfect choices if you’re thinking about backsplashes:

Ceramic, slate and mosaic tiles are the most popular choices for backsplashes. They meld well with granite because they provide water resistance. When selecting a tile, you should pick one that contains some of the granite’s more subtle colors, as well as a grout color that goes well with the counters’ undertones.

Natural Stone
If you want granite on granite, go for it. There is nothing wrong with using the same thing twice, or to choose something else that coordinates. The latter option will break up the space to create visual interest. Or, consider limestone and marble. Try different things when selecting your style.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is a modern and sleeker option, and is a fine choice for those who want a contemporary style. This works great with colors like black, white and tan, and can applied as a sheet or individual tiles.

How much granite countertops cost can detract some from buying them. They are a bit pricier than other countertops, due to a variety of reasons that include they cannot be manufactured, and they must be polished and sealed from outside elements. These countertops are durable and will in the long run pay for themselves. Shop around and get a free granite countertops estimate from each fabricator, so even if you decide to temporarily hold off, you’ll have at least firm prices.