Monday, June 20, 2011

Maple Grove Granite Countertops Edge Profiles

 The edge profile you choose can increase the cost of your Maple Grove granite countertops, since some profiles cost more to fabricate. Granite countertops are offered in six different profile types, and each fits a different design style.

Eased profiles are the standard include in most companies base pricing. It’s like the most traditional countertop style, and works with any counter or kitchen island.

¼” Bevel
It’s like the eased profile, but more rectangular instead of rounded. A great fit for countertops that extend into the dining area.

The half bullnose is a great wall countertop with a rounded corner that’s great for those located near doors and entrances. The demi bullnose has one rounded corner, and the full bullnose has one rounded edge.

This profile type has a slanted edge and is great for smaller areas.

The chiseled profile offers a unique edge that can bring a different style to your kitchen or bathroom.

The small ogee has a slight curvature, while the large ogee looks like a shoe when viewed from above.

Not sure what edge profile to go with for your Maple Grove MN granite countertops? Contact Universal Stone by visiting

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