Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to Keep Your Granite Countertops Looking Like New

There's nothing quite like the look and feel of granite. After all, with a myriad of color choices, seemingly unlimited veining patterns plus its durability, granite has become one of the most popular countertop choices around. But just because it is beautiful and durable, doesn't mean that it can be neglected or abused. Like any investment, granite needs to be maintained properly order to look as beautiful in 20 years (or more) as it did the day it was installed. Keeping your granite floors and countertops looking like new is not difficult, but it is necessary to follow some basic steps when it comes to the cleaning and care of your investment.

Preventative Maintenance

When you first get your granite floors or countertops installed, the installation crew will finish the job by applying a sealant. This sealant is to protect the granite as well as to prevent any liquid form getting into the stone and cause damage. Once the sealant is applied, there are several things you can do to keep your granite looking great.

  • Do not sit or stand on your granite countertop. Its durability means that it is not flexible like other countertop choices can be.
  • Do not stack dishes, heavy pots and pans, or ceramic bowls up on the countertop. While they won't hurt the granite just sitting there, should they fall over they can cause chipping.
  • Teach children that granite is not a play area. Don't allow them to bang toys on the countertops as there is the potential that the edge could be chipped.
  • Always use a cutting board. While this will not chip the surface of the granite, it will damage your cutlery. In addition, the more wear and tear your granite gets the more maintenance it will require.
  • If your granite does become damaged, fix any small chips immediately by using granite dust and an epoxy mixture to fill in the chip. For larger chips, try reattaching the lost piece using epoxy rather than just filling it in.
  • If you should get a scratch in your granite, call in a professional.

Basic Cleaning for Granite

Daily cleaning is the best way to keep your granite beautiful for years to come, but it doesn't have to be a large time consuming job. Rather, basic granite care means wiping down the surface each day with a warm, damp cloth. However, in the event that something has stained the granite there are a few methods you can use to get the stain out.

  • To get an oil-based stain out, use a paste of flour and hydrogen peroxide. Spread over the stain then cover with plastic wrap for at least 8 hours before using a flexible spatula to scrape away the paste. Repeat if necessary.
  • To remove ink stains, use acetone/nail polish remover.
  • Don't allow spills to sit unattended, wipe up immediately.
  • Keep your granite looking beautiful by making sure that it is resealed at least once every two years.

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