Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In the Know About Granite

When it comes to your home's décor, there are many options for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. These choices include basic laminates, ceramic tiles in an array of colors and patterns, concrete slab countertops which can be customized to suit and granite. To help you decide if granite countertops are right for you, consider these perks and quirks of granite:

  • It comes in over 3,000 colors each one with its own unique pattern and movement, and can be given custom edges and finishes.
  • Countertops, when properly sealed and maintained, are virtually scratch, stain and chip resistant.
  • They are great for making cookies, candies, bread dough and other foods that are best prepared on a cool surface.
  • It is heat resistant. If you forget to grab a heat pad for that pan of lasagna, it won't matter if you set it on your counter.
  • The only surface that is harder than granite is a diamond.
  • Granite countertops add a minimum of 10% to the resale value to your home.
  • Granite is not excessively porous (unlike marble) making it chemical and acid resistant.

Disadvantages of granite are:

  • It is expensive due to the labor for its removal from the quarry, the work involved in cutting it and the work necessary for installation.
  • It does not have a uniform pattern or color and will also contain natural cracks or pits. These "imperfections" are actually what lends to its beauty and "movement".
  • It will dull your knives if you use it as a cutting board.
  • Granite countertops should be installed by a qualified professional-it is not a do it yourself project.
  • They need to have the sealant re-applied a least once a year to prevent staining or fading.
  • Seams are visible, regardless of how good the installer is.

When it comes time for you to have your countertops installed, you want to have the best job possible. Here are a few tips for selecting a granite installer:

  • Beware of rates that are considerably lower than others-a great price does not necessarily equal excellent quality. Oftentimes these companies may give a low price quote, but then add in extra items on the expenses not included in the original bid.
  • Take your time-during busy seasons, the best companies can be backed up, don't hire someone simply because their calendar is open---ask why they don't have a lot of work at a time when premier companies have a waiting list.
  • Be sure to get more than 1 referral for the installation company you are considering; also, asking the company for a customer list is only going to give you the name of satisfied customers. Rather ask those you know who have had granite countertops installed, for their recommendations.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau for a list of companies that have received great reviews. Find out if the company honors their contracts with the homeowners as well any suppliers.

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