Monday, July 11, 2011

More Granite Counters FAQ

Universal Stone gets a lot of questions about granite counters:

How do I know if my granite countertops need resealed?
You can sprinkle some water and see if it soaks into the stone instead of beading up. If the water doesn’t wipe away, then it’s time to get them resealed.

What’s the best way to know if my old cabinets can support a new granite counter?
Natural stone counters can weigh as much as 30 lbs. per square foot. Your contractor will need to make sure your cabinets are able to handle the weight.

What is flamed granite?
Granite can be flamed by applying high heat to the stone’s surface. This process melts the surface and crystals to shatter, leaving a textured surface perfect for paving or wet areas.

What is honed granite?
Honed granite is when polishing process is stopped before a shiny surface is present. It gives the stone a softer appearance.

How do I know my granite is high quality?
It should not show a pattern in areas not polished. The polished areas should be uniform without flake textures.

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