Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Countertops: Choosing Between Granite and Engineered Quartz

Are you in the market for new countertops? Then you've probably stumbled upon granite and quartz as a new countertop option. There is a lot of information out there, but our team of Lakeville granite countertops experts would like to provide you with some facts. Both are viable countertop options, and in most cases, it comes down to personal preference. When choosing between the two there are few things you'll want to consider:

- Granite: It has an unbeatable natural look. This is because it's quarried right from the earth! No two slabs of granite are alike, so each piece will look unique in your home. The color of granite ranges from black to white and everything in between.
- Quartz: Since engineered quartz is part natural and part man-made, the look can be a little bolder. Seams will match more perfectly when it comes to quartz, since the pieces are manufactured. Color options vary widely.

Maintenance Required
- Granite: These countertops will need sealed and then resealed about every 1-4 years, depending on use. Since granite is a porous material, it is capable of absorbing moisture. It is hard for granite countertops to harbor bacteria, though.
- Quartz: Quartz will also need sealed upon installation, but then will not need resealed. Since an epoxy resin is added during fabrication, all the materials are bonded together. They will need routinely cleaned for sanitation purposes.

- Granite: Granite is a igneous rock, formed under the earth's surface. It is the result of magma being forced between rocks, then cooling. This process makes granite an extremely durable countertop choice. With everyday use, it will be hard to chip granite.
-Quartz: Engineered quartz, the type e installed in your home, is made of about 93% natural quartz. There rest is resin and other materials used to bind the materials together. This makes for an ultra-strong and resilient countertop material.

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