Monday, November 28, 2011

Adding Value to Your Home With a Granite Countertop

A major upgrade trend in home remodeling is the installation of granite kitchen countertops. These countertops are incredibly durable and last a very long time. In fact, the likelyhood of your granite countertop in your lifetime or even your child's lifetime is slim, at best.

Granite kitchen countertops used to be a sign of wealth in a home, but granite countertop installations are now available for many different types of budgets. Installing granite has really taken off in the last few years thanks to reality TV cooking shows set in high-end kitchens. When looking at new homes, buyers often view the existence of granite countertops as a big plus when decided whether or not to buy, which is why installing these types of countertops is such a good idea. They provide a return on their investment, whether you live in your home for the rest of your life, or if you decide to sell and move elsewhere.

Universal Stone is a company that specializes in the installation of granite kitchen countertops.
Take a look at some of the testimonials Universal has received from satisfied customers, and get in touch if you're interested in installing granite countertops in your own home.

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