Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Choosing the Stone for Your Countertop

When choosing to go with a stone countertop in your home, you not only have several stone types to choose from, but you also have different pros and cons for each type of stone. You can use these pros and cons to choose a stone type for your counter if you know what the counter will primarily be used for.

Granite is scratch resistant, bacteria resistant, heat resistant, burn resistant and is 100% natural. As far as staining goes, granite is pretty stain resistant, but it isn't 100%.

Marble is burn resistant and is 100% natural -- unfortunately, it falls short in several other categories. It's not scratch, stain, bacteria or heat resistant, which means you'll have to be more careful about how you treat your marble countertop.

Soapstone is not scratch resistant, but it can offer every other protection, including being stain resistant, bacteria resistant, heat resistant and burn resistant. As long as you're careful not to scratch your soapstone countertop, it should last you for years to come.

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