Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spruce Up Your Victoria Home with Granite Countertops

Looking to beautify your Victoria home? One of the best ways is with granite countertops. They provide a look that is both unique and elegant, and they are an excellent long-term investment. Laminate and wood countertops need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, but granite countertops will last you for 30 or more years. Yet another reason they’re worth looking into? The return-on-investment for these types of countertops could be as much as 100% -- meaning, you will increase your home’s market value by as much as you spent on them!

But if you’re thinking about the more practical, short-term, day-to-day benefits, there are many. For one thing, granite countertops are tough and durable. They are scratch, stain, bacteria, burn and heat resistant, and maintaining them is easy, especially if you take the time to get them sealed by a professional, like Universal Stone. As for their beauty, the best part in that regard is that each piece of granite is unique and you won’t find two that are exactly the same. The colors of the stone range from light accents to deeper and darker shades. And if you take the time to properly maintain your granite countertops, the polish can last almost indefinitely. Mostly, maintenance entails wiping up spills as quickly as possible and resealing the countertops at least once a year. 

Your Victoria home will look its best for your family and visitors when you choose granite countertops. They give such a beautiful and elegant touch to kitchens and bathrooms. Give us a call here at Universal Stone at (952) 746-4690 today at and learn more about this lovely and versatile stone. Or visit our website and request a free quote.

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