Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Granite Counters for Your St. Paul Home

Are you dreaming of a granite Christmas? Have you had your eye on granite counters for your St. Paul home? We don't blame you one bit if they are on your Must-Have List for 2014! We here at Universal Stone just love fabricating and installing granite counters. St. Paul homes look so classy and elegant with them! We love the look people get in their eyes when their eyes when they see the new granite counters in their St. Paul home for the first time. In another blog we covered how to go about designing the kitchen of your dreams.

And when your dream kitchen is finally done, what will you do to show it off? How can you decorate the granite counters in your St. Paul home to make people really take notice of them?

If your granite counters are dark, you can accent them nicely with dark cabinets and stainless steel appliances. But if you want a more retro look, light-colored cabinets can set off granite counters well too. It's an interesting contrast to see the light colors with the dark colors. And if you stick to a basic black-and-white color scheme, you can accent with a bright color, like a deep red or turquoise. Go to St. Paul flea markets or yard sales and try to find interesting vases or picture frames that you can use for decorations. Or try to find unique containers you can use to hold kitchen spoons and other utensils.

Thanks to granite's durability and timeless elegance, you will be enjoying the granite counters in your St. Paul home for years to come. They make a lovely addition to any home and will definitely become the focal point of your kitchen!

And when you're ready to have granite counters installed in your St. Paul home, just call us at (952) 746-4690. Or you can contact us online and request a free quote!

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