Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Granite Countertops as Cutting Boards

We hear this myth being perpetuated quite a bit as one of the perks to having granite countertops; the ability to toss out your cutting board and use your countertop instead.

It certainly seems like this could be the case. After all, granite is an extremely durable surface and is both scratch and heat resistant. You could chop away on your granite countertop for a years and probably not see any significant damage done to the counter itself. Still, it’s not a good idea to use the countertop for this purpose.

Why? Your knives!

Granite is an extremely hard material, and there are only a few other materials out there that are strong enough to scratch and do damage to it; harder stones, such as diamond, are capable of scratching a granite countertop. While your knife blades will probably not scratch your countertop, your countertop can scratch your knife blades and cause them to become more dull. That’s why, unless you’re a fan of regularly replacing your cutting knives with brand new sets, you should probably avoid chopping on your countertop and instead opt to use a dedicated cutting board.

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