Friday, May 18, 2012

Julie Rizzo: Granite's Rock Star

A recent piece on grabbed our attention. The piece had to do with an Indiana woman named Julie Rizzo, who's been referred to as the 'rock star' of granite. She saw granite being hauled to landfills and decided to do something about it.

Five years later, she's helped to keep more than 5 million pounds of granite out of the landfills, which has been instead recycled into other items. We think this is a great idea, and if you're thinking about replacing your Burnsville MN granite countertops, think about recycling your old ones.

Part of the article:
No less than 25 percent of the granite from a countertop is treated as garbage. In fact, manufacturers pay up to $5,000 a year to have their waste hauled to a landfill.

Enter Julie Rizzo, who decided to do something about this problem. Julie saw exciting new uses, and even "green jobs." Now she is working on a new application using split waste granite to create decorative art!

Aided by a national network, she said, more than 5 million pounds of waste granite have been recycled into a plethora of profitable products.

Moreover, the St. John resident has launched a new industry in which students with "special abilities" learn to become artisans and help get products out the door. These include pavers, tiles, mosaic and stone aggregate!

Basically, Julie -- called the Recycling Rock Star by Waste Management Magazine earlier this year -- is challenging status quo. Today, she is a global leader in granite recycling. She gets hits and inquiries from all over the world from her website,

Moreover, Julie will be featured on "Do It Yourself" cable network. She and two of her network partners assembled a wall in a home filmed last month outside Washington, D.C., by this popular network.

How did this all start? Essentially, Julie was working with a granite countertop company in Chicago in 2007. She noticed a large container of scrap granite. Each week a truck would haul the garbage to landfill. She asked, "Why are you doing this?"
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