Thursday, May 31, 2012

Removing Scratches from a Granite Countertop

Granite is a very scratch-resistant surface, meaning it can stand up to items that would normally scratch other surfaces very well. It is not, however, impenetrable, and the right kind of material (something that is harder than even granite) can scratch your countertop. Should something like this occur, you have a few options for removing or otherwise making the scratches your counter has sustained.

One route you can take is to use a bit of steel wool and rub on the affected area. This works for light scratches that aren't as apparent to the naked eye. Deep, visible scratches can be fixed up using a sander that has a diamond pad (since diamond is harder than granite, it is effective for sanding it). If you're not comfortable doing something like this yourself, it might be a good idea to call in a specialist who regularly repairs granite countertops. A lot more work can go into fixing up some scratches; a professional may utilize tools like an electric grinder, a polisher, and more.

However you decide to approach scratch repair in the future, take comfort in the fact that you probably won't have to do it very often. Burnsville granite countertops are popular for their durability and toughness, and they can stand up to quite a bit of punishment. If you're interested in having a granite countertop installed in your home, get in touch with Universal Stone today at (952) 746-4690.

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